Charity T-shirt available for international shipping

1 year have passed from the terrible earthquake at Tohoku, Japan.
We made new charity T-shirt of “Smile for all.”.

We donate the profit of these T-shirts to regions suffering even now or charity organizations working at Tohoku.
In 2011, we have donated over 400,000 yen ($5,000).

2 colors, blue and pink.

Smile for all.チャリティTシャツ(ブルー)

Smile for all.チャリティTシャツ(ピンク)

Blue right side.
Smile for all.チャリティTシャツ(ブルー)オモテ

Blue reverse side.
Smile for all.チャリティTシャツ(ブルー)ウラ

Pink right side.
Smile for all.チャリティTシャツ(ピンク)オモテ

Pink reverse side.
Smile for all.チャリティTシャツ(ピンク)ウラ

How to buy from oversea.

We use Paypal.

1.send e-mail from paypal address to “info[at]”
please note…
-your name
-your address
-your phone number
-order ( size and number )

2.we estimate the postage and re-send e-mail about chrage.

3.If you agree, send e-mail for OK to us (“info[at]”) from paypal address.

4.We send the T-shirt in 7days.


40 US Dollar ( same price for all sizes)

T-shirt size

You can choose 6 sizes.

Kids 130
Kids 150
Kids 160

We are waiting for your order!